Monday, December 21, 2009

A new week

After last week, I'm really looking forward to this week... I did only around 9 hours of training out of 13 planned hours. I have close to 15 scheduled for this week, so here's hoping I'll meet that.

This is of course barring any car accidents or illnesses, both of which I hope I don't encounter again (or at least for illnesses, not until the next season's ailment).

Biked for about 90 min yesterday after a long run through plowed road and untouched trail. Definitely gave my hip flexors a tough workout this weekend!


  1. Andy, if you're staying in the area for Christmas, we should get some runs in.

  2. I'll be here. Let's do it, dude! E-mail me at or call at 240-731-1417. Looking forward to it.

  3. Yeah, we should get Chris to come along as well. Hopefully the trails will clear up a bit .

    I'll post something on the blog seeing who is available for a group run in the days after Christmas.