Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Death by plow and Drunken Wu Tang!!

Last night's Famous Dave's run was slow for the snowy parts, good pace through the neighborhoods.... and speedy through the lights at Seneca. Jordan, Scott and I were running with the line of cars at Seneca until we passed a park employee in a snowplow. Jordan looked into the plow, caught the eye of the driver, who realized we weren't supposed to be there and shouted "hey... HEY!!" We ran out butts off to get out of there! Scary! We were half expecting to see the plow chasing after us through the trails and closed-off part of the park. Mr. Plow-man wasn't happy to see us, that's for sure.
Got to do a trainer hill workout prior to the run and it felt pretty darn good. I felt strong. I watched Drunken Wu Tang, my favorite kung fu movie, during the ride and it inspired me to dominate.

Old Devil of Drunken Wu Tang displaying his balls of steel.

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  1. Balls of steel? Where do i get some of those? Shall i speak with Ratface?