Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday Swim and Run

I was able to get to the pool, finally, after missing about a week of swim workouts due to my cold and the blizzard over the weekend.

My schedule called for 5x300s, which, at least to me, didn't sound like the best way to get back in the water! They were as tough as I thought, but I was able to keep pace (1:30 t-pace) and do the 300s in 4:30 with 30 second recoveries. I wasn't able to do the 5th as I was pretty tired, but at least my body is capable of the workload still, just my fitness needs to catch up, but should be fine after a few practices. Totaled around 2000m with warmup and cooldown.

Ran with Jordan and Scott on our normal Monday run, nothing of note here except that it was icy and fun as always.

So I'm feeling good overall, I just want to get back into full swimming shape and regain my "feel" of the water, which I was really starting to build up before last week.

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  1. Nothing of note? what about that guy we say with in shorts and knee high socks on? What about almost getting hit by the mailman? Giant snowmen, deep snow around the towers? Some other guy complaining... and our conversation about 4+ near death experiences in 1 week. :-)