Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bike 3 mile TTT and tenders

Yesterday was the second of my three time trials this week: the 3 mile bike tempo time trial. 3 miles on a flat (or in my case, slightly rolling) course at 9-11 bpm below HR zone 5A. I last did this trial in early November in 8:08 (22.2 mph). It was warm and not windy that day, optimal conditions. For this TT, it was cold, but fortunately not windy. The cold though affected my breathing a little and my legs felt a little stiff.

I warmed up and started the TT... My HR went up way too fast and I had to back off on the uphills. Not sure why my HR rose so much during this TT, but I managed to get it under control about halfway through. When all was said and done, I finished with a 7:59:56! Another improvement! That puts me at around 22.6 mph at sub-race pace on a rolling course. Getting ever closer to my goal of 23.5 mph race pace.

Fairly easy and confusing 6-mile run with Jordan, Scott, Steve and Jamie in the evening followed by extremely delicious Famous Dave's chicken tenders.

The chicken tenders were awesome... Definitely the way I'm used to. No spilt honey mustard, well-seasoned, and the fries that came with them were better than usual. That definitely made my evening.

I accept the challenge.


  1. Should have tried the Manhandler with a side of baked apples and some devils spit!!! See ya tonight. Here is link to last nights Hot Mess of a run:

  2. Maybe I'll have something like that for an easy week or after JAW.