Saturday, December 26, 2009

Regaining what I lost

Today was a long day of workouts. Morning swim, noon hill run, afternoon endurance ride.

The swim was short intervals, with 1000m of drills followed by 1200m of t-paced 100m and 50m intervals. This is my least favorite workout of them all. I'm usually dead tired after I finish the drills, and I'm not even halfway done! The isolated arm drills are really tough, especially when I'm not at 100% fitness. Lots of kicking too. But I held pace today and was able to get through every drill and interval at the correct pace (between 1:26 and 1:30 t-pace). I'm getting back to where I was, although the process of getting there is painful and tedious.

The run was relaxing, with Steve, Scott and Philippe, a pro triathlete. Got some good tips from him as we took it to the hills of Seneca Creek State Park for about 8.5 miles. I learned about how I shouldn't take race failures hard and ways to prevent myself from doing so (I have a bit of a problem with that). He advised me on other aspects of triathlon training and goal setting that should prove to be very useful.

The ride was fine, uneventful, as it was a 2 hour trainer ride. Got a little dizzy at the end but I was hungry and tired. Early bedtime for me tonight!

My week totals will be back in the 15 hour range, thank goodness.

Oh, and I got a new car! Same as the mashed-up one, but the color is a little better. A dark metallic gray. Cooooool.

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