Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good start to the week

I always am happy when I can start out the week with two strong days of training. Monday and Tuesdays usually entail all three sports plus strength training, so they are usually good gauges of how I'll do the rest of the week.

Monday I swam and ran. 300 repeats at t-pace (1:30), with kick recoveries. I was surprised how good I felt. I often do 100s at t-pace, and am dead tired after 3 or 4. For some reason, I felt fantastic doing t-pace for three times as long! Strange! My body must not get used to the pace after only 100 yards. I'll take it!

Ran around 7 miles with Scott from WJ and took it harder on hills. A little rain and chilliness didn't hurt too bad.

Today was strength, which was good as usual (my back felt like nothing ever happened to it, yes!), and bike tempo intervals. The tempo intervals were fun. I was able to keep my HR in zone 3 without a problem. Re-adjusted my aero position and it felt much better in the neck region.

So a good start to the week. I'm excited for Frozen Slopes 6K this weekend, as it is my second to last race for at least 4 weeks!

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