Monday, December 7, 2009

1K Swim TT

Today was a 1Km time trial for swimming. I did this last month and clocked in at 14:52. I felt good about my time then and it gave me a 1:30 t-pace. I expected a little improvement, maybe 5-10 seconds for today's TT with how much swimming I've been doing (at least 3 workouts a week).

I kicked off and immediately worried that I was going too fast. I felt really fast... but to my surprise not really tired after 300m. Hit the halfway mark and quickly glanced at my $5 waterproof CVS digital watch... 7:15. On target for a 14:30... exciting! I started to feel a bit tired in my shoulders around 700m, but I kept pushing and began to pick up the pace with 200m to go. I didn't sprint it in, as I didn't want to hurt myself. I was shocked when I finished and looked at my watch... 14:24! Sweet!! I improved my 1Km race pace time by 30 seconds in only 4 weeks!

That puts me at a 1:26 t-pace for my workouts now and about a 24:30 mile. I finally am beginning to feel really strong in the water...

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  1. wow Andy, that's fast!! I hope to be at 15.00 by April. Is it a 25m pool? With a wetsuit may put you around 20.00 for 1,500m!!