Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tough week

A tough week as in bad week, not tough training, unfortunately. I got sick on Monday evening, so I didn't get to do my planned bike, strength or swim workout Tuesday and Wednesday morning...

And then the unthinkable happened on the way to track practice... got in a pretty bad car accident. Car pretty much totaled, but I'm undamaged except for a bruised thumb. Needless to say, no track last night either.

Got in a strength workout today but was still too sick/tired to bike. I should be ok tomorrow to make up one of the rides and get a good 70 minute run in the AM.

Just a rough week overall. I got a few days off so that's nice, but I didn't want to HAVE to take them off.


  1. A wise fox once said "Stand down, then attack."

  2. Oh man, that sucks, but hey, YOU'RE OK, and that's what matters. And 2 days off is nothing, you'll make up for it-it would be different if it were like 2 months off.