Monday, November 30, 2009

Up and down weekend

Well, mostly up.

The (sort of) down was Turkey Burnoff. Ran the 5-miler. It was windy (18mph winds) and hilly. I started out too fast. Again. Got passed around mile 3 and couldn't hang onto 1st place. 2nd overall, around 28:15 (5:39 pace and a 5-mile PR, which shows how poorly I ran Vet's Day). Need to find my own pace on these road races. I never seem to have this problem at cross country races. I guess the excitement of running fast overtakes my senses. I need to control that. I'm not sure how many times I've told myself that in the past month...

Biking was good this weekend. Biked around 2 hours on the trainer at HR zones 2-3 and did a long brick on Sunday with Michelle, who is just on fire right now, getting PRs left and right. I hope once I take my break from racing I can come back and dominate at the level she's at right now.

Frozen Slopes 6K is this weekend. I'm excited as I haven't done an XC race for a while... not since September.

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