Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tender Thoughts, vol. 1

This section will be dedicated to chicken tenders and will be updated weekly.

It's been a great week for chicken tenders. Tough race over the weekend means a need for comfort. I find comfort in chicken tenders.

Monday featured Famous Dave's chicken tenders. I like these. They're well-seasoned and crispy on the outside, and the honey mustard dipping sauce is great. Jordan again screwed up the art of chicken tender eating, and he doesn't seem to care to rectify his errors. We got tooted on by a waiter too. That was odd, but it did not take away from the joy my chicken tenders brought me.

Last night was Glory Days tenders. No seasoning, but the chicken itself tastes better, although the honey mustard leaves plenty to be desired. I still prefer Famous Dave's currently. Steve and Jordan even attempted the blasphemous act of stealing a tender from my plate. I will not stand for it. Don't do it again.

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  1. Ok, so when you say tooted on, you really meant that a waiter at Famous Daves walked past our table and ripped a very loud fart! We where all shocked! Luckily there was not odor!