Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wet runnings

Yesterday was a tough day... brutal swim in the AM, very long run in the PM.

The swim was nothing out of the ordinary, distance-wise, but was very intense, with a lot of drills and t-paced 100s and 50s (on 1:30 and :45). My arms felt dead afterward, but a protein bar and recoverite soon brought me back to my normal, stiff self. My form is getting better. I find myself touching my hips with my thumbs, which is a good sign that I'm not keeping my arms straight under the water. Any progress is fantastic the swim!

The run wasn't bad at all. I went for 8 miles at a 6:30 pace, got a little wet in the drizzle, and met up with Jordan and Scott for another 7 miles through Seneca at an easier pace. So I ran 15 miles yesterday... that's a LOT for a Monday workout, at least for me.

Chicken tenders at Famous Dave's. They weren't seasoned as well as usual and were served with spilt honey mustard sauce on 2 of them. I wasn't pleased. But they hit the spot after 15 miles of running!!

Bike tempo intervals tonight. Looking to stay in better control of my heart rate.


  1. Andy, these tough days is why you'll improve! By the way, a flat on the trainer is pretty funny, you must've been working hard!

  2. Andy, getting through these hard days is why you'll improve. By the way, getting a flat on the trainer means you must have been working pretty hard! Longer tempos on the bike are necessary for me as I'll be doing half irons next year, but may be useful occasionally for an Olympic distance athlete (depending on how many times you can get on the bike in a week!)