Friday, November 27, 2009

Injury fright

Had my first real injury scare since I started training seriously over the last year. Was doing my usual seated rows at half my max weight when on the second set, 4th rep, my back suddenly seized up in pain. For a moment I couldn't breathe without pain and had to stop what I was doing. After 2 minutes the pain lessened and I finished my workout slowly and with lighter weights. Spent the rest of the day icing, stretching and popping Aleves. It feels much better today and seems centered on the right side of the lats, so I think I'm out of the woods in terms of a true back injury. Thank goodness I didn't really screw anything up. It now feels like just a pull and I did the right thing by backing (pardon the pun) off.

I skipped bike spin-ups yesterday because of my back issues. No point in making it worse.

Ran 10 miles with Jordan on the Millenium Trail today. We kept a good recovery pace, with strong winds going against us for more than half the run. I'm getting better at staying strong for longer distances. I hope this means I'm becoming a more balanced long distance runner. I would like to do marathons at some point in my career, but not yet.

Turkey Burnoff 5-miler tomorrow. Was going to do the 10, but I don't feel like running 2 loops of the Seneca course. I train there and have seen enough of it!

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