Monday, November 9, 2009

Lots of biking

Right after the Candy Cane City 5K, I embarked on the longest bike ride I've ever attempted in my life... 3 hours on Beach Drive. It's part of my current base-building phase in my tri training, and I was excited about it. It was what I thought it would be... cold, long, slightly tedious, but smooth. I've been doing shorter stuff, longest rides being no more than 2 hours or so, but this felt good despite the neck pain and sore quads that accompany it.

Kept up a good 19-20 mph clip for about 56 miles. That's half-iron distance there! Also discovered that my handlebars were about 3-4 degrees downturned... no wonder my neck hurt.

Killed a hornet by accident and saw a biker decked out in full triathlon racing gear... Spiuk helmet, Zipp 1080s and all. Overkill for a training ride, I think.

These rides are teaching me to enjoy the biking more. I'm looking forward to the next long ride.


  1. I really like this blog. As a follower of Andy's endurance athlete career, I look forward to future installments. I'm interested in reading more about Andy's strategies and philosophy, as well as the stories of various competitions and training. I was unaware of Andy's "specialty" as an eater of chicken tenders.

  2. Andy is the man! Keep up the hard workouts and see ya for CT's in a few hours.