Sunday, November 15, 2009

Veterans Day 10K

Well, not many ways to classify this race... it was pretty much a fail... sort of. Missed out on my goal by a minute, but PR'ed by a minute.

Overall time -- 35:16. A minute faster than my Pike's Peek time, but I ran such a spectacularly dumb race, it almost feels like I didn't get any faster. I had positive splits, starting out way too fast with a 16:40 first 5K. That's not the way to do it.

I initially told myself that I would follow my Garmin and stick with 5:30/mile. But I got anxious and decided to hang onto some guys who were probably a little too fast for me. I told myself and others I wouldn't do that. I did anyway. I need to wear blinders or something so I have nothing to see but my watch.

And then I had to take a dump around mile 4. That didn't help. At all. Miles 4-6 were pure hell. I suddenly dropped to 6 min/mile after running a pretty even race, when my bowels told me that they weren't pleased. I totally lost confidence but was able to speed up for the last half mile out of desperation. Lesson learned.

So overall, a disappointment but something to build off of. Despite a bad race I still PR'ed by a minute. As a friend noted, this is setting me up for another PR. Looking forward to Jingle All The Way. I feel I'm going to come back in a big way...

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