Thursday, November 19, 2009

Track to Columbia

Had my first full track workout last night since probably mid-October, and it was great. So good to be back on the track. I don't remember having that much fun or feeling that awesome at a speed workout. But I'm glad to be back. Did a ladder (4-8-12-16-12-8-4) and maintained a balanced pace throughout (around 5:00-5:05 mile pace). Had Jordan and Stefan to push me too. That helps a lot.

I also had visions in my head during each interval. Images of Jingle All the Way 10K... images of Duathlon Nationals... images of Columbia Tri... all of which I fed off of and pushed the pace even harder. This is how I was before the past few weeks, being able to focus on what is most important. I saw the finish lines, the transition areas, other competitors, and it all motivates me.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet workout and more fun than usual! Can't exactly put my finger on why. Anyway, i'll get you on an interval one of these day. 4:30pm run Friday?? Millenium trail perhaps?