Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yesterday, Tuesday, was my first bike time trial in about 2 months. 3 miles, keeping my heart rate around 163-165 bpm, at the Germantown Rec Park. In early September I did this in about 8:29, same location, same conditions, same bike.

Started out the TT a little hot, with my HR jumping to 170-175 bpm. Had to cut that down a bit and finally got into a good groove at around the 1/2 mile mark. Pedaled hard and kept it going until mile 3. Ended up with a time of 8:05, a good 24 seconds faster than last time... All the strength training and isolated leg training on the trainer are really starting to pay off. My legs felt stronger, and they can pump faster and harder under the same conditions as my last time trial. Definitely great motivation to keep up the hard work.

Followed it up with a 5.5-mile "run" which entailed Jordan and Steve running 7.5 miles and me stopping several times to shake out my legs and look at the unlit Seneca Creek light show.

Followed of course by chicken tenders. Famous Dave's chicken tenders. They're pretty good. Better than average. Seasoned with spicy salts... Had to teach Jordan how to eat them. He tried to simply eat the tenders. I taught him the fine art of sectioning the tender and enjoying it.

There really is an art to chicken tenders. And I still have much to learn, I'm sure.

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  1. Wow, it was an art. In fact they tasted so much better after sectioning them. Thanks for the chicken tender eating education Andrew. Tonight.... pizza eating.