Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3/6 -- Saturated gym

Sunday AM Dirk and I teamed up again to take on Ward's Masters practice. I sure was tired from Saturday's ride, so was a little nervous. I did feel a little shoulder ache in the warmup, mainly from holding only two positions on the bike for 3+ hours (problem with using a TT bike for that kind of ride). But after the warmup, the swim went ok, with a main set of 30x50y (10x50 on :50, 10x50 on :45, 10x50 on :40), 2x300 pull, 3x(4x50 descend 1-4 to fastest 50 pace, 4x25 sprint kick, 200 pull), totaling 5000y for the swim. The 50s went pretty well, had no problem hitting the :40 interval, coming in between :35-:37 for each. Mark noted my flipturns are getting better, so that's neat. For some reason though I found my head not leaving the water completely, so I drank a lot of pool. I guess it had something to do with my neck being weak from the ride, since I've never really had the issue before.

Afternoon, Michelle and I bombed to the gym for a, uh, long treadmill run. Not really the desired location for a long run, but it was raining Oscars and Simons outside. I planned to just run 10-12 at an aerobic pace, 6:50-7:15, while Michelle was to do a progression after 5 miles. I decided to do that as well just to mix things up, but only cut down to her paces so I'm not working as hard (although to make up for it I set the incline at 1% during the cutdowns). Felt pretty good, it was darn hot in there and I ended up losing nearly 4 pounds of water (yikes). I forget the paces I cut down to, but it didn't really matter. Just wanted to get in the miles, a little extra work but not feel depleted when I finished.

Well, I sure did feel depleted, I lost 4 pounds in 70 minutes!!! I made up for it that evening with a giant feast that Popeye would be proud of and hopefully got those pounds back and more.


  1. Hey Andy, I always set the treadmill to 1% incline b/c I hear that's the closest pitch to mimicking the stress on your calves from running outdoors on level ground. I also use the website at the bottom to approximate the speed conversion.

    Great job on the training. Make sure Dirk is working on his flip-turns, too.


  2. You're right Sean, about the incline. I actually planned on keeping it at .5% for this run as I didn't want to push it too hard, but felt challenged by my treadmill partner!

  3. FWIW, the cutdown was around 7 to 6:15/6:00. I am just glad my progression tempo pace is still faster than your easy pace!

  4. Wait, you only need to do 0.5%? I've been doing treadmill runs at 2.0%! This explains so much.