Monday, March 21, 2011

3/18 & 3/19 -- Up ol' 28

Friday was an AMAZING weather day, almost. It reached a high of 70, but huh? What's this? Wind? You want to enjoy the day with me? Aw man. 15-20 mph winds put a damper on an otherwise amazing day. But because of the temperature, I decided to get in my long ride today instead of Saturday. Lucas M and I collaborated to meet somewhere halfway between Frederick and Germantown, along MD Route 28. I had never ridden that far up 28 on my bike, so I was a little nervous, especially with the fact that I'd be riding into a headwind, trending uphill. Car speeds reach over 50mph on stretches of that road so I really made sure to hug the shoulder. I rode ZeroZeroTwo as I need to do most of my training on it to prepare better for Columbia. My aero position felt a little odd though and my neck got a little stiff, so I'm going to get it checked by Matt at All-American Bike Center on Tuesday.

By the time Lucas and I intercepted each other, I had put in 50 minutes and a 224w average, elevated a bit by the headwind. Coming back, I stayed in his slipstream on downhills and pushed pace on the ups to keep the power level. It was a LOT easier coming back, even though Lucas is a much stronger rider. Overall, 40 miles and 221w average. Felt good.

Saturday was a DAY OF REST, which I sure needed. I only rode about an hour total, getting to Michelle's race and rolling back to Germantown with her. A couple hills, but kept my power below 190w to make it a real recovery. I would need it for Sunday...

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