Sunday, March 13, 2011

3/11 -- At least I can dream

I had a dream during my slumber Thursday night that I was racing in the Shamrock 5k. The race took place inside the Safeway grocery store on MacArthur Boulevard, and there were several other GRCers racing, but I didn't recognize their faces. But it was GREAT, because I came through the 3 mile mark near the checkout lines in 15:00. I apparently took my time getting through the last .1 miles, but I finished in 15:43! A PR! I argued with the first place female who declared that I got a 15:44, but the point is that I actually had a positive dream about racing, for once! All my worst dreams happen before my worst races. Perhaps this dream was a portent of good things to come on race day.

Friday AM I met with Michelle for a swim at GISC. A couple sets of 100s, pulling and easy/fast, and a morsel of 2x300 build, which felt like I swam pretty fast. I didn't look at time, but by feel I was hitting 1:15/100y, maybe under 1:10 on the last 100 of each.

In the afternoon I got to test out my foot which had been bothering me on Thursday. I consulted with Towpath, who told me it may have something to do with my plantar, but didn't seem too concerned. I ran for an hour at my 2.75 mile loop, and felt nothing. No pain, no tightness. I picked up my stride a little and dug into hills to flex my foot a little more, and still nothing. Happy Andy! I stretched the foot afterward and it was indeed still sore when I fully flexed the foot, but much better from Thursday, despite walking and running on it, so it won't affect my race. I'm not wearing my lightest race flats just to be on the safe side... I'll wear my track flats, which are definitely race worthy, just a teensy-weensy bit heavier.

So about that dream... it was a good dream for sure... but not nearly as great as the dream Pee-Wee Herman's brain had:

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  1. Yo Jiminy Cricket straight up listened to that dream (a wish your heart makes) - way to crush it boy!