Saturday, March 5, 2011

3/4 -- CROM!

Friday AM swim @ GISC with Michelle. This was a fast workout, with a long warmup and main set of 3x250 (200build, 50hard, 20" recovery), 300 pull, 10x75 (50mod, 25hard, 10" recovery), 200 pull. Again, didn't time myself, but made myself work and focused again on form. It falls apart the faster I go, but I've gotten better at lengthening my stroke and lowering stroke count in the moderate and build sets, which are paces closer to what I want to do in the 1500m.

I ran for an hour in the afternoon. It was really windy AGAIN. Geez, it's like 3-4 days a week now when we get 15-20+ mph winds. Anyway, good reason to stick to my 2.8 mile loop near my neighborhood. Just ran around 6:45 pace, first loop was a little tough and for some reason difficult to get a fluid stride going, but after one of the short trail branches I found my form and enjoyed the run.

That evening I watched Conan the Barbarian twice in a row to feed my need for intensity and might. Here, he prays to Crom for the first time before his greatest battle:

Conan's Prayer to Crom
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  1. Next time you you get a new bike, please name it Crom.

  2. I have yet to name my mountain bike... Crom seems appropriate.