Friday, March 4, 2011

3/3 -- An easier day and lots of apples

I was happy when Thursday rolled around as it was an easier day on my schedule, with just a bike trainer workout, and not a very tough one at that. A 75 minute ride, with 3x10min builds, starting at tempo/L3 and working up over the 10 minutes. Todd didn't specify a recovery, so I just did 3 minutes in between, making for a 15min warmup and 24min spin cooldown. I stayed in one gear (53/19), working from 91 rpm to 100-105 rpm over the 10min, working from around 218w to the 260s on the first two, and up into the 300s for the last 2 minutes on #3. I wasn't really winded or too pooped by the end of this, so I think it served its purpose for recovery but also working on a little power. It felt good to work a little and mostly spin just under 170w.

Because it was a recovery day, I ate a TON. A breakfast of 2 donuts, 2 apples and a banana. A lunch of a footlong Subway sub (chicken teriyaki w/ pepper jack, extra jalapenos, pickles and southwest sauce), a salad, 2 more apples, another banana, molten hot wing chips, and 2 bottles of water. Dinner consisted of a pizza, baby carrots, tater tots, and ice cream. Maybe not the healthiest day, but I think I can handle it just fine. Apples are the way to go though. They're slowly but surely replacing chips and cookies in my diet, eating upwards of 15-18 a week. Jazz apples. So good. These ones here are PRISTINE. They should have some of that yellow. That's crispiness there.

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