Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2/28 -- Leave me alone, Molten Hot Wing Ruffles

Monday had to have been one of the most annoying days in the past few weeks. The weather just wouldn't make up it's mind. I was promised "strong storms" and tornado watches sprang up mid-morning. Exciting for a weather fan like me! Alas, we got some wind and rain. As a result, I kept postponing my 45-minute recovery run because an 80% chance of thunderstorms loomed until the sun set... and nothing happened. And neither did my run. D'oh. And because I kept postponing the run, I gave myself more and more excuses to keep eating my current favorite potato chip, Ruffles Molten Hot Wing chips. They are awesome. Not really hot, but a great taste and Ruffles are definitely the best, uh, ruffled chip. Just kept eating and eating until I left work. I guess it's a good thing I didn't end up running because for 2-3 hours after the last chip, I had that yucky acid feeling where you burp and taste the stomach acid mixed with buffalo flavor. And it burns too. Oh it burns.

It was gone however by the time swim practice rolled around, thankfully. Wards and Curl Burke merged again for a joint practice. Dirk and I were joined by Jacky and eventually Jason. A good lane. Good thing that Jason doesn't like freestyle, so that he isn't pushing the pace way harder than I can handle. Main set had a NUGGET of 2x (5x100 free on 1:30, 4x50 kick descend 1-4, 8x25 coach's choice). The 5x100s were good and I came in under 1:14 on every one, with the second set averaging 1:12/100y, finishing with a 1:10. It felt very comfortable, which means either I'm in good shape or recovery was too long... I prefer shorter recoveries now so I can see what I can really hold. But as of now, it seems I've made the jump from 1:17 to low 1:teens, and that's pretty nice. The kick sets were hard and Jacky/Jason just brutalized poor Dirk and I, who switched off leading the 5x100s. Overall a good practice, but again I'm looking for shorter recoveries so I can really test that 1:12-1:14/100y average.


  1. Chips + flipturns= barf. I would know.

  2. Beer didn't work very well either. I tried that once about 28 years ago! I quit the workout before I drowned. Cigarettes can make things rather difficult too. :)