Friday, March 25, 2011

3/23 -- Make Way for Triathletes

Wednesday AM I swam with Michelle at GISC, a pretty relaxed pull-heavy workout. No build sets, just long pull and shorter hard/easy intervals. Really made an effort to focus on form and not look at the clock. I was joined by Michelle AGAIN in the evening, this time for the team track workout, as she has officially joined GRC, providing a huge boost to the growing women's team... it was only a matter of time until we were on the same team. NICE.

Men's workout was 6xmile, with my group, the "B" group going 2x5:15, 2x5:10, 2x5:05. Our group is barely a "B" group as we have guys like Dickson, Patrick, Charlie, Matias and, for today at least, Dirk. That's pretty mighty. Charlie wasn't present for this workout, but we all took turns leading, and produced splits for the first 5 of 5:16, 5:14, 5:09, 5:07 (I led this one), 5:05. Then Matias, Dirk, Patrick and I decided to go HARD on the last one, aiming for sub-5. I stuck behind Patrick for the first 800 as I thought my calves, which were getting some lactic buildup, wouldn't let me go... but they cleared up after about 700m and I moved up to get up with Matias and Dirk... and we WENT. With 400 to go Matias moved ahead of Dirk and I tried to do the same, but BEASTMAN had enough of my insolence, and didn't let me pass. I started losing them with 300 to go, but still came in only 4-5 seconds behind in 4:52. Not a bad way to end the workout! Coach Todd told me to unleash for this workout so I did, and left the workout feeling pretty energized and strong... not in any way depleted or achy.

It was pretty neat having Matias, Dirk and I work together at the end as the 3 male triathletes on GRC... and seeing Lindsey J and Michelle working out together was pretty intense too. It made me think of this book I read as a younger youngster (hence the title of the post):