Thursday, March 17, 2011

3/16 -- Hi, Foam Roller!

I woke up Wednesday at 5:00 AM, a little earlier than normal to make sure I gathered everything I needed for lunch, as I had a track workout that evening and I wanted to bring the correct pre-workout foods. So what did I do? Of course. I walked out the door to go swimming without any of the food I wanted to bring. I realized this around lunch time, but too late. ARGH.

Met Michelle at GISC, a pleasant deviation from the norm as she usually swims at her clinic Wednesday evening and I do this swim alone. It was a fairly build-heavy swim for me, with a main set containing 4x50, 300, 3x100, all build, with several drill and pull sets surrounding it. As usual with GISC swims, I focused on form, and I really think, as evidenced by Monday's Ward practice, it's starting to come together. Dirk and I will receive a private lesson Monday afternoon to work more on our strokes. We sure need it, and Coach Ward is really enthusiastic about helping us out.

In the evening, I went to GRC track practice at BCC. For the first time in as long as I can remember, it was LIGHT outside, thanks to daylight savings time. It was nice to see where I was stepping on the warmup run for once. The workout was 2000-1600-1200-800-400, starting with 78s/400 for the 2000 and cutting that number down by 2s/400 for each interval. Todd instructed me to slot into the B group but not lead, in order to keep my legs somewhat fresh, as they were still in recovery mode from the 5k. I felt that... what should have felt like a pretty average/comfortable workout was tougher. I wouldn't say it was a struggle, but it was what I could do to stay with the group, making sure I wasn't pushing too hard. 5:12/mile pace for the 2000, 5:04 for the 1600, 4:56/mile pace for the 1200, 2:24 for the 800, and 67 for the 400. After the 20 and 16, my legs loosened a little, but were clearly still feeling the 5k.

I got home, ate a baked pasta thing, ICE CREAM, and then rolled the heck out of my calves on a cylinder of foam. My screams of pain caused Oscar and Simon to flee. Not QUITE this magnitude of screaming, but the cats probably heard and saw it like this:

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