Saturday, March 12, 2011

3/10 -- An easier day

I woke up Thursday AM with a little fright, as the bottom of my right foot was pretty sore, mainly around the balls of my foot. Not really when I walked or jogged, just when I flexed the foot. No pain to the touch either. I greatly fear injury so this wasn't a nice thing to wake up to. I decided to switch workouts between Thursday and Friday, spinning easy for an hour instead of an hour run. TOWPATH theorizes this is a small plantar issue caused by the 400s I did Wednesday, from pushing off with my toes for the first time in a while. A little rest could do it some good.

I swam during lunch hour, with a main set comprising mainly of drills, some fast 50s and a 400 build, which I did in 5:00, a 1:15/100y clip, not my best, but only 8 seconds off my last race (which was off the blocks). Focused a lot on form this swim.

The hour spin had a focus on RPM, not power, so I was in recovery zone for the ride, focusing on keeping my RPMs between 100 and 115. Felt good to shake out the legs and it gave whatever was bothering me in my foot a chance to rest a bit. Foot felt a lot better by the end of the day, too!

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