Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3/15 -- Well, at least it's 50 degrees.

Another Tuesday, another cool, windy and cloudy day with a chance of afternoon rain. Welcome to winter/spring in Germantown.

10 mph winds and chance of rain always equals 20 mph winds and probability of rain at and around the South Germantown Recreation Park. And that's where I often ride... and a ride was on the agenda for today, 75min L2 aerobic. It's a good mix of hills and false flats, fine training grounds indeed. I rode 4.5 big loops, averaging around 220w. Nothing really all that special about this ride. It was nice to be outside, except for having tears ripped out of my eyes every time I angled even slightly toward the Germantown Clipper (the name I'm giving the permanent southerly wind that blows through the area).

I spent part of the evening fiddling around with Sicar, ZeroZeroTwo and CROM (my bicycles). While I was fiddling, I saw Pee-Wee (yes I'm watching a lot of that show suddenly... I'm in a great mood nowadays!) playing with his toys. I love my toys too, Pee-Wee, although mine aren't quite as creepy as yours.

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  1. Did you catch him doing anything lude in the movie theater?