Thursday, July 1, 2010


Man, I can't stop sneezing. Ever since the move, I spend at least 3 total solid minutes out of my day sneezing. That doesn't sound like much, but one sneeze takes about 5 total seconds to prepare, release and recover. That is... um... 36 sneezes a day! Think about it. That's a lot. I don't know if that's exact, but it's close.

My training has been good so far this week. Good news from all 3 sports!

Swimming -- I've been attending the Curl Burke Masters swims at American University and they've been SOLID. I swim with Dirk, surrounded by cocky swimmers far faster than The Beastman or I. I've been getting in 3000+ yard swims each time. My totals for the week are over 12k yards, which is more than I've ever done. Not quite as much as Dirk's 20k+ swimming weeks, but I'm doing more... and am getting faster. That's the most important thing.

Biking -- Still improving! I did an early AM superthreshold interval set, 5x3 minutes, averaging 24.3, 24.7, 24.7, 23.8, 24.3 mph, at the rolling GTown rec loop. It's heartening to see I'm regularly touching 24+ mph in my intervals... not to mention last week's 40k time trial. I got a hill workout tomorrow and long rides this weekend.

Running -- Haven't done quite as much as in the past, but I put in a SOLID track workout last night:

4x800 @ 5 sec/400m faster than 5k pace (4:50 mile pace)
1x3200 @ 10k race pace (5:20 mile pace)

I hit all my paces (a little faster on the 800s, averaged 4:41 pace) and felt great at the end of the 2 mile (right on with a 5:20 average). I'm excited to see what my 10k time will be at the end of the year (sub 32:50?). If I can do sub-36 minutes at Nation's I'll be very happy.

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  1. Not to mention, your heart misses a beat and body dies a little during each and every sneeze! But you are strong and must resuscitate yourself each of those 36 times.