Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DC Tri Club training triathlon -- Redemption!

So I was pretty down on my running after the mile. Sure, I had improved in every distance and was much better off physically than in July of last year, but I thought at least I would finish a second FASTER, not a second slower than last year. But I've put it in perspective and realized that the mile just is not my race at this time. Probably will never be, I'm training for triathlons and 5k-1/2 marathon... nothing longer, nothing shorter! Let's leave it at that!

I was encouraged by Hendrik de Heer to participate in the DC Tri Club's 2nd training triathlon on Sunday. I thought, just like he, why not? I don't have a race for a while and I had a TT-style brick scheduled for that day. Why not make it fun with some light competition? The distances were 400m pool swim, snaking around the 50m Hain's Point pool; a 17 mile bike, thrice around the large HP loop; a 5k+ run, once around the short loop. Main competition for me was Dirk and his new DOLAN STRYKE and a DC Tri Club Elite team member, Andy Blatecky.

Dirk and I had fine swims, about 6:15 or so for 400m, not bad, I think I beat him by 2 seconds, so I still have a slight advantage in the water!!

The bike was odd... I had some stupid (on my part) mechanical issues that caused the rear wheel to rub against the frame, causing me to have to stand up and really struggle to accelerate and keep a decent speed. It was tough. I still somehow managed just around 23 mph average! That's encouraging, at least! Remember during the winter when I pined for the days when I could average 23 mph on my best day?

Dirk had an awesome ride on his new bike. I'm upset I couldn't stay with him this time!

Run was great. I brought in a sub 16:50 for the 5K, which ranks among my best post-bike runs ever. And I felt controlled and relaxed. I passed Blatecky about 1.5 miles in and I just held the effort steady the rest of the way. This is a good sign for Crystal City 5k, as well as my post-bike 10k prospects at Nations (I want a 36 or faster!).

So the tri definitely washed away any grief I had about the mile. I'm doing well at what I'm training for, and that is the most important thing now.

OOOH. Look what's coming to my house today! My new front wheel!

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  1. Sweet looking front wheel! Keep tearing it up!