Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rats for me, Hot Diggity for Michelle!

Shoot, that was a disappointment! I ran the mile at the Midsummer's Mile last night, expecting that maybe I would get a 4:30, despite not really training for that distance or tapering at all during the week. Well, yeah, didn't work out that way! Instead I suffered through one of my most embarrassing runs ever! Ended up with a 4:40, not quite reflective of the effort I put in, and goshdarnit, it's quite a discouraging time! I was 2 seconds faster in the mile last year! I was in better shape for shorter stuff then and wasn't really into triathlons at the time, but heck, I at least wanted to better that time.

Made several mistakes, such as trying to make up for lost time after a slow start... before I even got halfway through the race! Bush-league! Oh well, live and learn. I lived and I think I've learned. So that's good. 2nd overall though. Must have been poor competition or the heat. I think the former!

Michelle Miller ran a 4:56, thus accomplishing her 2010 goal of sub-5 for the mile. Way to go Michelle! She's worked so hard at it, suffered through heat exhaustion and plenty of hard workouts to get there. Through disappointments and mistakes she learned how to run the mile the right way and showed the world what she had! Very inspiring! I'll have to follow her example. And she ran smart last night, even after going out slow she maintained her composure, unlike myself, and ran consistently. I felt sorry for the males who looked at her at the start, thought to themselves "Oh geez, a girl, I better make sure I'm in lane 1 because she definitely won't beat my superior male-ness". She beat all but a few of them. Excellent.

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