Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's your turn, Sicar!

This weekend is my first road race (biking), at the Giro di Coppi. I'm doing the cat. 5 (beginners) race, one spot away on the waitlist. Hopefully one person doesn't show up Saturday so I can get out there and ride! 37.5 miles, well within my limit, but it'll still be tough. I'm really looking forward to it. It's pretty much my next step into the sport of cycling, going past simply doing TT-style racing as in triathlons. It's my hope that road bike racing will help my triathlon biking as well as further my relationship with cycling. I have no expectations of winning this race or even getting top 5, my goal is to learn, and if the opportunity presents itself, win. I have an advantage on uphills, so I'll be sure to unleash on those. Otherwise, I won't let myself take the lead until the end, if I am in reach.

This is also the introduction to the racing scene for the newest addition to my household... my road bike, the Dolan Hercules, whom I affectionately nicknamed Sicar after my cats (it has the speed, agility and climbing ability of Simon... and the black nose of Oscar). It's been used for the past month and a half or so as a training ride, especially on longer rides or hill workouts... but this is a racing bike at heart! It WANTS to be pounded, it WANTS to suffer along with me in a race. It's jealous that ZeroZeroTwo does all the racing and time trials.
I don't have a good picture of my Hercules (will post after the race), so here's a photo from my dealer so you get an idea of what it looks like! I have SRAM Rival groupset, black handlebars, cheaper wheels (I WISH I had those Navigator carbons!).

Sicar looks better!!!!!


  1. That is one sweet looking bike

  2. CAT5 = Crash + Fly. You're smart enough to not race like a donkey out there, but be heads up for all of those other guys barreling into a corner too fast and flying across your line. Ya hear too many crash-related stories about CAT 4/5 races and I'd hate for some donkey to mess up that SWEET new ride of yours.

    Goodluck and make 'em suffer on those hills!

  3. Damn donkeys. Always mucking things up.