Monday, June 28, 2010

Nations: The next goal

Since Columbia, my training has (slowly, in my opinion) been shaping up into a new set of build and recover phases. Up to last week, it seemed like I was sort of just wading through workouts. The DC Sprint really got my mind back into the game. It reminded me just how important hard and focused training is to my development. Race less, train more.

My next focus is the Nation's Triathlon. Duathlon Worlds is the week before, but I'm not necessarily training for it. I have 3 days to decide, but I'm even considering not racing at Scotland, just so I can be sure to have the best race possible at Nation's.

So, Nation's, I'm training for you.


  1. Wait, you'd pass up an opportunity to race in the Duathlon Word Championships just to have your best race possible at the Nation's Tri?! Sure, you may have a better shot at winning Nation's, but the Scotland experience has got to be so much cooler! What gives?!

  2. It sounds like an easy decision, doesn't it? I just had issues with what I did at Columbia, and don't like the idea of two priority races within 7 days of each other, especially when one requires me to get used to a 6 hour time difference. I won't win Nation's (not with Robbie Wade or other pros entering), but I'd like to finish the year strong... not have any regrets such as "if I had tapered properly, would I have been faster?" Scotland sounds awesome though, and it sure is making this a tough decision to make!

  3. Sorry I didn't see your response sooner... my blogger doesn't give me that box to check which notifies me when someone comments after one of my comments.

    Anyway, I definitely see your point. The Nation's TRI is local, familiar and a GREAT venue to end your year at. The time-adjustment for racing abroad is a major factor (as Dirk seems to have fallen victim to).

    Expenses of traveling aside, the two questions that keep running through my head when trying make your decision for you are 1) Which race would offer more satisfaction if you raced at/above your expectations? and 2) Which race would offer the least disappointment if you raced below expectations?

    All things aside, this is a pretty sweet predicament to be in. I look forward to reading either or both race reports!