Monday, June 28, 2010

Move along, move along.

I'm behind due to the move. I'll make this brief to catch up.

Tuesday -- Strength and Curl Burke Masters swim (around 3000y, FAST. These workouts will become 2x per week staples of Dirk's and my quest to swim 20:00 for 1500m).

Wednesday -- 30 minute bike TT (12.05 miles, 24.1 mph average, my fastest average for nearly 20k, EVER. I'm getting better and better at biking)

Thursday -- Strength and run (easy run, had to do lots of moving that day so too tired for CB swim)

Friday -- All-out bike TT (6 minutes, all out, 25.4 mph average, my fastest all-out sustained speed average)

Saturday -- Endurance swim and moving (swam 3x1000 with Dirk in the AM, stayed at or near 15 minutes for all 3, good swim in general)

Sunday -- Mile TT, Bike ride with Dirk (paced Michelle's impressive 5:00 mile {I ran 4:55 as pacesetter}, and then rode 2 hours at a tough clip on a very hilly course, 43 miles).
So today I woke up and felt EXHAUSTED. Sunday was a long day, but the week was pretty long too. Time trials are over and today is a recovery day. Next three weeks though are build weeks, and I'm ready to accept the challenge of sufferfests in the heat!

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  1. Sufferfest! Thanks again for the terrible pacesetting. ;-)