Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thanks, Tyler

That Falcon Punch was so powerful it caused the tomorrow of then to be today. That's the only way I can explain it.

So I haven't posted on this thing for a while and pretty infrequently, causing derision from my peers. Well, here's a post! And I'll admit, that weekly training update was too annoying to do, so I'm going to TRY (or tri, sorry Michelle) to do it EVERY DAY, but just give a shorter write up of that day's workout. Then do something at the end of the week like a total, so I can feel I'm not doing enough. So let's begin with yesterday's workout:

Tuesday's workout was a trainer workout... 4x8 minutes, broken up as 4min @ at least 230w, 4min @ at least 260w. The 230 is high L3/low L4, so not tough, but not easy... 260w is at or a little bit over 40k race pace, so into L5. 2-minute recoveries between each interval. I made it a goal to be at least 94 rpm the entire workout, excluding recoveries and cooldown, so that required me to stay in one gear ratio the entire ride. About 94 rpm average for the 4min @ 230, 100 rpm average for the second 4min.

This got tough. By the end of two intervals, I was sweating quite a bit. I had some good extra motivation, as I had 2003 Tour de France stage 16 playing, where Tyler Hamilton broke away from the pack and held on for the last 30km to Bayonne. I like Tyler Hamilton, so it was a good motivator to ride with him (on TV). It definitely helped me push through the last interval, which was actually my best in terms of average power and RPM, averaging around 279w for the 4 minutes, and I was rocking in the saddle a bit (back and forth, I mean).



  2. Good work! You're getting strong. Pedal faster! I know you've got the cardio system to do it.

  3. Tyler was great until he couldn't just tell the truth. I mean, Vanishing Twin Syndrome aka Chimeric Twin?? C'mon....

  4. Yeah, that was pretty silly.