Saturday, February 26, 2011

2/25 -- Andy vs. 32 mph winds

Friday AM I swam with Michelle at GISC. 800 warmup, main set of 4x250 hard, 4x100 (50ez/50hard), 4x50 hard, 200 cooldown. Another maintenance swim with short recoveries. It was nice to get away from pulling this time and work on some speed with short recoveries (10sec). I probably was hitting 1:14-:16 pace on my 250s, which I can accept when swimming a workout alone (Michelle swims with me, but doing a different workout... she swam great, hitting some fast 100s on short breaks). It was also nice to keep pace with the Germantown Masters group on my 250s. The flipturns help, but I can really feel some speed and endurance... I never slowed down. I still need to work on my stroke count... a little too high. I need to extend and open my hips up more.

In the afternoon I ran an hour at an easy/aerobic pace... A recovery run from 4 straight days of tough workouts in all 3 sports. Wasn't SO easy though, as I faced off against 30+ mph winds with harder gusts. My little neighborhood half-trail half-road loop is sort of sheltered from it, but not completely. Ran around 6:50-7:00 pace, when I wasn't running into a gust. I felt none of the heaviness that I had Wednesday and Thursday, surprisingly because Thursday's bike workout left me barely able to climb the stairs! Maybe the swim helped me loosen up? Not sure, but I ran smooth and felt light! The body sure can work in strange ways.

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