Sunday, February 27, 2011


Saturday AM I met Michelle for a shorter strength workout at the gym. Mainly focused on core and some arm stuff. I ignored leg weights since we would be riding for 2 hours the same day.

After throwing axes, swords and PLASMA TRAILS at zombies, green bipedal creatures with spears, and mean wolves (Gauntlet on N64) we went to Germantown to ride bikes. When we got there the weather wasn't as friendly as anticipated, still a little chilly with a southerly wind that definitely was not merely 10 mph as the weather report stated. We decided to stay local and do 6 loops around the Germantown rec park and nearby roads, which would bring us close to 40 miles in 2 hours. My main focus was continuing to practice staying in control. There were plenty of hills to practice on, both going up and down. All climbs though went straight into the headwind, so they ended up being a little harder. I focused on staying between 270 and 350 watts on all uphills, maintaining 200-220 on flats and 180-210 on downhills. This seemed much more balanced, and I didn't lose speed upon cresting a hill, when I would normally be quite tired. I gave the last mile an extra push and averaged 262w, so I was feeling pretty good.

The ride went well, with Michelle sticking behind me for the ride, as she can be in zone 2-3 by drafting or riding behind me while I'm hitting my own zone 2-3. Works well! 38 miles total.

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