Friday, October 22, 2010


I just discovered Megadeth and I wonder why I never discovered it before. I remember renting an album from the library when I was a mere Nugget but wasn't pleased. I don't know why. But I by chance listened to Symphony of Destruction this morning, and I was thoroughly impressed. I started listening to it and I instantly thought of my next workout, hills this afternoon. Any song that brings out the fury or makes me look forward to PAIN is what I put on my music player. Welcome, Megadeth.

I had a good track workout Wednesday evening... one that a wise Fox assigned to me, 6x1600 (4 at 10k pace, 2 at cutdown). It sounded tough and boy, wow, it was. I ran with new teammate Ryan Hanson, who is getting back into the swing of things (and blast it, another guy whose "getting back into it" pace is my race pace... BLAST!!), and he hung onto my shoulder for the miles. I was supposed to start cutting down at mile 5, but my legs weren't listening... I cut down by 3 seconds on #3. I wasn't thinking of it... just letting my legs do the work. They wanted to go faster and I couldn't stop them! Thanks to that I was pretty tired after #5, so Jake had me barrel through the last one as an 800, starting with a 70-second 400. Splits were 5:17, 5:16, 5:13, 5:11, 5:09, 2:22.

I'm happy enough with those splits, and pleased I stuck to pace for the first two. I felt after the first one that if I had not stopped, I could have kept that pace for a long time. 6.2 miles? Maybe! It felt good though and I hit it on the first try, which is what I need to master. Nice to see I could cut down to 5:09 at mile 5, and put in 71s for the last 800 (that seemed to simulate the pain I'll feel at mile 6).


  1. "Supercharged, strapped in and screaming
    Fire spiting from the pipes
    A burnout by the flame throwing fury
    8,000 horses ignite
    Full throttle, hit the ground running
    With a tank full of nitro
    And its 1,320' to go to the finish line"

    I imagine Megadeath somehow channeled your future certain domination at Vet Day next month when they came up with these lyrics (yeah, its about a car, but work with me here).