Monday, August 16, 2010

On a roll

Mere weeks remain until Nation's, and I seem to be peaking at just the right time.

My swim is as good as it's ever been. My top speed may not be quite as great as earlier in the winter, but my endurance at a 1:20/ 100y clip is far greater than before. The steady state swims, 3x1300 with the last being at race pace, have really helped, as well as having two hard-working training partners, Dirk and Robbie, who seem to be improving at as fast a rate as I. We feed off each other. Those masters workouts at AU really help supplement speed to my endurance training. I was thinking on the way to AU today... I no longer fear the swim. I look forward to it. No longer do 300 yard and longer sets frighten me. I go to swims more than 3 days a week. I'm averaging close to 15,000 yards a week, up from only 7-9k during the early summer and before. Rather, I am excited for the swim at Nation's. I am certain I won't be far behind this time around.

What will be most exciting is to see who gets out of the water first between me, Dirk and Robbie. Anyone want to place bets?

I biked this weekend with Robbie, and found my speed, even after a tough swim workout, has really improved from the spring. I put in a 30:50 20k, which is about 23.9 mph. Pretty fast for me. Part of the course is a mile downhill and flat, but the first third is pretty darn hilly, so I'm happy with the speed. Can't wait to see what I do on a flat 40k... both at Church Creek TT Saturday and Nation's in a few weeks. My goals are sub-61 at Church Creek, and around 62 at Nation's. Those seem reasonable.

Most of all, I'm totally happy with my swim. Again, it's peaking at the right time. I feel extremely confident in the water. I want the lead at practice now. I used to be pretty bashful... but now I want to set the tone. I think this improved attitude will help me in my racing.

Oh, a shout out to Michelle, she biked over 24 mph for the first time during a 6 minute all-out TT today. That is epic.

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