Monday, May 31, 2010

Starting from the beginning

Columbia's come and gone, and so it's time to reset my training from the beginning to build on what I've accomplished so far... the goals being World Duathlon Championships and Nation's Triathlon in September.

This past week has been Columbia recovery... one tough master's swim with Dirk, which went well... 3000y with some fast intervals mixed in. I'm ready to increase my swimming endurance after how tired I felt during the Columbia swim.

Saturday and Sunday were spent breaking in my new road bike (pictures and name to come!!). Got in 34 easy miles on Saturday and around 17 on Sunday. The bike feels just as I hoped. Easy on the shoulders and great at climbing hills.

Monday AM I met up with Dirk and Robbie for a 40k tempo ride. We alternated leads every 2 miles and put forth a 62-minute effort... a great time for me, even if there was some drafting. I'm getting a real feel for that kind of speed. It's fun to go fast and to push myself. I really feel as if I am "one" with my bike. I used to feel like I was powering a piece of equipment. Now I feel like I'm powering myself... the bike is a part of me when I ride. It's a cool feeling, to be one with the bike. I look forward to replicating it on race day.

Dirk and I then met up with GRC guys for a run from the line, but we both didn't hydrate or eat enough post-ride so we felt dizzy in the heat and had to unfortunately cut the run short. Dirk put in a FAST 2.4 miles in around 13 minutes, so maybe I was a little more affected by him. He's a stud, that Hendrik De Heer!

Going out west for 7 days. Will put in some good running (tempo runs and hopefully some swims) ending with running 16 miles of a marathon with a friend in San Diego on Sunday. Kind of upset I'll be away from the bike for that long, but this will get me back into the running frame of mind.

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