Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's fun to run fast

It's been a while since I've had a decent track workout... it's been lots of recovery and trying to stay healthy since Du Nats, but I decided, after several long runs where I felt my legs were lacking something, I needed to put in one more race pace track workout before Columbia. MCRRC had 1000s at their track workout so I decided to join up with them.

Met with Michelle there and we decided on our workout... she would do a mile-specific workout (5x600 at mile race pace) and I would do a 5-10k workout (5x1000 at 5k pace, 4:55-5:00 mile pace). I challenged Jordan to stick with me and he did for 3 or 4 of the sets, which is pretty darn respectable for a 43 year old guy coming off of 2 straight weeks of racing!

I ran all 5 at around 4:55-:57 pace, which is great, but most importantly, that did not feel anywhere close to sprinting or going all out. It felt sustainable... like I could keep it for 5K. It was comfortable. Michelle was a beast... ran her 600s at my pace, running just behind me for 3 or 4 of my sets. And that was AFTER doing 4x200s at 4:40/mile pace. She's ready for a sub-5 mile, more specifically a sub 4:55 mile. BLAZING!

She'll be tough to beat.

It was good to be back on the track and good to see everyone is really rounding into summer racing form.

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