Thursday, May 20, 2010


I haven't been able to post much as I've been busy trying to cram all my work into 3 days, so I can sort of enjoy my birthday and take most of Friday off.

Had a good weekend... a bit of a struggle at the DC Tri training duathlon, had to exit the race early. I wasn't feeling good... had achyness from the previous track workout and was just overall tired. Probably wasn't the best idea to do that race, but it showed me the benefit of recovery. I'm glad I quit the race early. I had a good swim later in the day though... 200s.

On Sunday, Michelle and I had a fantastic ride on the Columbia course. It helped me memorize the course and realize that the course is made for me... hilly. I'm even more confident. I also got to exchange pleasantries with none other than Ironman legend Natascha Badmann! She's a very nice lady and a tremendous competitor. It was motivating to know that like me, she was scouting the course and takes the race seriously. We followed up the ride with a short run to see what the first mile and a half of the run course is like... hilly start. Could be tough, but if anyone will benefit, it would be me. I love hills! Later in the day I went to an open-water swim at a quarry. I worked on my sighting, going 3 times around a 650 meter swim course. I was able to stay in a straight line toward each of the buoys! I had so much trouble with sighting last year. This was encouraging. Not only was I faster, but I'm able to stay on course.

Since Monday, I've been taking it easy. Easy rides, swims and runs. And it feels great. I have no stiffness or pain in my legs. They feel ready to race. I've been anticipating this race since the end of 2009 triathlon season. This has been the basis of my training. Indoor trainer sufferfests and following Dirk... snow runs and giving it my all to keep up with GRC runners... solo swims... all those training trials were for this race. I'm ready for it and I know I will turn in a good performance on race day. I just need to keep myself together and my focus on what's ahead.

Godzilla would agree... he doesn't let three-head monster/cyborgs that shoot electricity disrupt his focus on utter and complete victory...

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