Friday, August 17, 2012

Shifting gears... but not on a bike

I decided a couple weeks ago after my Riley's Rumble workout to change my training/racing goals for the rest of 2012. I'm going to drop triathlon training for the rest of the year and focus on running and running only. My intent is to build a big base over the next few months, culminating in (hopefully) a big PR at the Philadelphia half marathon in November. I will race several times over that timespan as well with a couple longer races to use as hard tempos/tuneups. I also plan to race at USATF XC Club Nationals, depending on how I feel after Philly, but I will be in decent shape to help the team (that's the idea at least).

I believe this is the best course of action for several reasons. One, I have been completely dissatisfied with my running this year. It demoralized me and I want a reason to believe I am a decent runner still. This should get my confidence back to where it should be. I want to feel excited to race off the bike in 2013 and a key is feeling like a fast runner, having a reason to be excited and confident. Two, the lack of miles from tri training was the main factor in my poor running this year. I was putting in tempo/track workouts... however without a mileage base I have nothing to fall back on when the going gets tough in races. My endurance suffered as well. Three, I think this will really positively impact me as a triathlete. I've focused so much on cycling and swimming the past couple years I've really neglected the run. With my swim and bike improved, if I can get my run to where it was in early 2011 and 2010, I believe my overall performance will be greatly boosted.

Plus, I have grown weary of tri training... I've been doing it for about 3 years straight without much letup. Simply put, I miss running. I'm happy to hang up the bikes for a little while. I'm just so pumped and excited to run again. That's what it's all about, having fun, not forcing it. I look forward to my runs now since they feel GOOD. No tired legs from cycling or swimming earlier in the day (although I intend to keep swimming 2-3x a week because I enjoy it... just no hard masters workouts) leads to higher quality runs. I did a 6x1000m speed workout this past Wednesday in the nearby park, and it went awesome, went at or under 3:10s for all 6 with 90sec recovery. And it was FUN!! Long runs feel nice and I look forward to afternoon aerobic runs. It's going to be nice to run with my friends much more often now and join GRC long runs again. I think I will also come into 2013 excited to ride and train for tris (going after Eagleman and a longer season) again. I just need a break, and get back to doing something I really enjoy.

Yeah, so that's what I'm up to now. Pretty excited for the next 4 months!


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  2. I want you to start kicking my ass in races again. Though, I won't make it easy for you!

  3. As long as you enjoy it, no matter what you do, that is most important. I am looking foward to seeing you run some good races!

  4. You're gonna be blazing fast my man. Just imagine how fast you're gonna be off the bike next season. Good luck in your training and hope to read more of your progress.