Friday, April 8, 2011

4/6 & 4/7 -- Revived

I was still feeling kind of tired by Wednesday morning, but went to swim practice. Nothing hard fortunately, just some pull and build sets. The toughest of the set was a 2x250 build and 4x100 build, with the rest being drills and pull. I like these workouts because I REALLY concentrate on my form. When it falters I do whatever it takes to get it back in line. Friday practices aren't as easy to do this sort of thing as I'm more removed from Monday's masters practice/lesson.

GRC track practice in the evening. I went in with achy calves and heavy-feeling legs. The workout wasn't as easy as I hoped, 2400-2000-1600-1200-800-400 (79s for the 2400, 78s for the 2000, 77s for the 1600, 76s for the 1200, 74s for the 800, 70s for the 400). It was a smaller B group, with Dave W and I pushing the pace. Dickson joined for the 1600 and down. I dropped out of the last 400 as I didn't want to stress my calves more. They were still sore and if I did a 400 at the end, I would assuredly run too hard out of excitement of being almost done. Splits (by mile pace) were:
2400 -- 5:08/mi (my bad, took it out too fast, should've been 5:16)
2000 -- 5:12/mi
1600 -- 5:08/mi
1200 -- 5:05/mi
800 -- 4:52/mi (I kicked it in for this since I dropped out before the 400)
It was long, but a fine workout nonetheless. I was able to keep paces comfortably, so my body is recovering fine from CB. What I was worried about was how my already hurting calves would feel the next day, considering I ran in my flats for practice.

Much to my surprise, I woke up Thursday with barely any calf pain at all! Huh? I guess that the workout wasn't too fast so my calves weren't stressed too much? Did the track workout help the healing process? Whatever the reason, I'll take it! I like no pain better than pain (except during a workout of course!). In the afternoon I had a bike strength workout on the trainer. 10min @ 245w, 8min @250w, 6min @ 255w, 4min @260w, 2min @270w. I felt pretty strong through the first two intervals, so I pushed the last 3. All Todd wanted was for me to get stronger with each interval. I did just that, hitting 10min @ 250, 8min @ 257, 6min @ 269, 4min @ 281, 2min @ 314. And I felt smooth. The data chart shows it, my cadence slowly went up with each interval and my power numbers did not spike or fall during each interval.


  1. I believe a very wise person explained your revival quite adequately.